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"Believe in your passion, it drives your career."



It was the year 1998 when a freshly baked IIT’ian (from the prestigious IIT Delhi) Mr Varma flew to the USA, straight out of college, to join his 1st job at a Fortune 500 company as ‘software programmer’.
During his stay in the USA for 2 decades, that he witnessed a wide range of emerging tech, platforms & got equipped with them.
His keen interest & expertise in such vital technologies, game him an opportunity to serve some of the leading brands of the USA (mostly Fortune 500 companies), which eventually paved his path to server a leading company as a CTO.


It was during one of this recent visits to India in 2016, that he discovered the dearth of skilled professionals in the market and felt the need to contribute his part. to bridge the skill gap in the market This eventually lead to a thought of. sharing his huge & abundant experience in the ‘US IT Sector’ (for almost 20 yrs), with the current youth, to equip them with the right skill sets and make them industry ready for a glorious career.


Thus, in 2017, ‘Coding Sastra’, a ‘modern-age gurukul’ was founded by Mr. Varma (the same young & dynamic IITian who flew to the USA almost 20 years ago) with 2 main objectives:
1. To train the most vital & industry demanding skill sets to students, to lay the foundation to their fabulous career
2. To provide continuing education to industry professionals on updating themselves with the latest technologies to keep themselves competitive.


‘CODING SASTRA’ is an expert level ‘skill development center’ started by industry veterans, having a solid 20 year experience in the USA in multiple technologies. It was started as an initiative to provide ‘qualitative’ & ‘affordable’ training to both freshers & working professionals on some of the most cutting edge technologies, which are in utmost demand in the current market. In the process, we’ve been consistently successful in our attempt to, train & place freshers/professionals (like you) in highly rewarding careers with some of the top corporate companies.


The Need & The Gap In Global Market: There is a huge shortage of skilled professionals globally, who are adept in the most in-demand technologies. And companies around the world are in a desperate & constant search for such professionals, offering them huge pay packages.


The Importance & The Need To Choose The Right Option: The above mentioned factors prove the need & create the urgency of being skillful at the most happening technologies, to grab successful & rewarding career opportunities. And, this is where a right platform is needed to help you, in two of the most important tasks : 1. Educating you with the right skill sets 2. Launching you into the corporate world with ‘The Best’ opportunity But, making a bad decision in choosing the right platform for you, would result in a huge loss of your most valuable resources : ‘time’ & ‘money’.


Coding Sastra’s mission is to transform lives by teaching people of all backgrounds the technical and interpersonal skills used in software development so they can thrive in the IT industry. The vision for our company is to build a community of confident and passionate people with latest technologies to have a great career here.

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